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Kelley RealtyMaintain an open mind- don’t let the seller’s style (or lack thereof) keep you from visualizing your dream. Can you see your furniture in the house? How is the natural light? Will a coat of paint, new flooring, or removal of a wall change how you see the house?
Drive by the house at different times of the day. Walk the neighborhood. Get to know the area.
Find information for schools.
Is the home governed by a Home Owners Association (HOA) or are there specific Covenants, Conditions or Restrictions (CC&Rs) that might have fees or restrict the use of your property?
Although internet websites (like Trulia and Zillow) can be helpful and useful- the information can lack facts and contain errors that make it unreliable and may even be misleading.


Kelley RealtyProfessional inspection. Kelley Realty can refer you to professional inspectors that can give us insight beyond what we can see about the physical and structural conditions of the building and its systems. This can possibly save you money in negotiations and also give you a checklist on how to maintain your home and what costs to anticipate down the road.
How long has the house been on the market?
How long has the seller owned the home? How much did the seller pay for the home? Have improvements been made?
Play it cool, try to keep your reactions neutral. Keep the sellers wondering and interested.


Kelley RealtyEscrow is a third party agent hired to ensure your purchase includes a free and clear title.
Earnest money provides the seller a ‘good faith’ statement and monetary deposit to state your intent to close the transaction.
Speak with an insurance company to purchase home owners insurance before closing.
Contact the utility companies to transfer the bills into your name when you know the closing date.

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